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A hike that alternates between forest, buildings, and village

Chapelle Saint Antoine à Brognon (Ardennes)

Saint Antoine Chapel in Brognon (French Ardennes)

This hike of just over 8 kilometers from the Igl’houx will take you through part of a village and its history, as well as the beautiful forest composed of deciduous and coniferous trees, crossed by the Grosses Pierres stream.

Some climbs and descents punctuate this loop, giving it a semi-mountainous character, but nothing too challenging! Its acidic terrain offers a unique flora, including heather, ferns, and broom.

You will pass by the Saint Antoine Chapel, which is itself close to the Domaine Saint Antoine, now privately owned but was once the property of Élisabeth Prévost (see dedicated article on the book “Un an dans la forêt” by François Sureau).

During the autumn and winter seasons, the paths can be very wet or even submerged, so be sure to wear appropriate footwear (hiking boots, rubber boots) and clothing (windbreaker, umbrella).

Another shorter walk (4 km), which I named the “Walk Along the 2 Ponds,” will introduce you to the Vieille Forge Pond, located in the municipality of Signy-Le-Petit, and part of the Motte Pond with its beach (supervised swimming during the summer).

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  Distance 8,60 km
  Average duration 2h45
  Difficulty Moyenne
  High point 306 m
  Low point 263 m



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