View of a frozen morning

Winter settles in for good

Igl'houx under the snow

Igl’houx under the snow

After the beautiful palette of colours left by autumn, it gives way to winter, under its blanket of snow or covered in frost, although the current temperatures make these days rarer, and all the more precious.

Rain can replace snow, and in the Igl’houx it is perceived as a gentle drumming, which sounds more like a pleasant-sounding rocking, regular as a metronome.

The days are getting shorter, and the nights are getting longer and cosier, warm under the duvet filled with goose down, what happiness…

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You don’t have to get out of bed to admire the shades of colour that change with the hours. The sub-zero temperatures give the impression of time frozen, almost unreal. You want to stay on and on, strolling along pleasantly, almost lazily.

Then it’s time to get moving, the duvet disappears and we’re greeted by a slight morning chill: it’s time to get the wood crackling again in the cast-iron stove. A gentle warmth is already spreading through the little room, and in a good twenty minutes, you’ll feel right at home. And after a few logs, you can easily take off your jumper…

Enjoying the present moment

In this confined yet cosy space, you’ll feel right at home. The wood accentuates the warmth, bordering on the Savoyard spirit.

Interior of the Igl'houx in cosy mode

Interior of the Igl’houx in cosy mode

You might even think you’re in a sauna, given the layout! This is actually the case, as the Igl’houx was designed on this model in a country where their use is part of the way of life: Lithuania, one of the three Baltic States. Its excellent insulation helps to keep it warm for a long time.

Books with stories and poems, and a few board games invite you to reconnect with real time, and leave behind the toys of new technologies. Meditation also lends itself perfectly to this bubble embedded in nature. All you need is a blank sheet of paper and some coloured pencils to unleash your creative spirit and create masterpieces.

You’re almost like a child again, having fun with the little multicoloured dada or the draughts dada.

The smell of hot chocolate wafts up our nostrils, accompanied by the little speculoos so emblematic of Belgium. To forget this would be sacrilege! Let’s dip into it the French way, and savour…

Call of the forest

Just a few hundred metres from Igl’houx, its long branches open out like arms to welcome you: majestic and grandiose, the winding paths take you along the 4 ponds in a chain, with the Acorn as the main watercourse.

Pontoon alongside the Vieille Forge pond

Pontoon alongside the Vieille Forge pond

Its suspended pontoons, which sometimes look gloomy and flimsy, are like an extension of the trees with their submerged roots.

The silence of this space is almost religious and impressive: the resting vegetation has also caused the majority of the birds that, a few months earlier, were cheering us up with their melodious songs, to desert.

Deer can be heard in the distance, like a languid barking sound (that’s the name of their cry), and you may be lucky enough to see them in the distance if you can be discreet and patient.

Sweet nights

And then we decide to fall back into the arms of Morpheus, not without raising our heads one last time to admire the starry sky, where we feel very small among the immensity of this mystical universe. Your eyes close and you’re off again for a night of a thousand dreams.

Tomorrow is another day, but for now, shhhh, let them sleep peacefully and serenely…

It’s time to book your stay

Enjoy this cocoon and these moments of relaxation as well: for this, nothing could be simpler, just choose your arrival date, the number of nights desired, and the best offers will appear! Think of your loved ones and offer them the most beautiful of gifts 🙂 Easy and practical, the gift card is also a beautiful gesture that you make to the planet with an eco-responsible and sustainable stay.






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