Vieille Forge pond

A moment suspended in a colourful landscape

As the days go by, autumn slowly settles in, bringing with it an array of landscapes, each as magnificent and unique as the next.

Early in the morning, the mist envelops the meadows in its milky whiteness. And you, well, you’ll be warm under the goose-down duvet in an insulated, heated cocoon, perhaps watching the wildlife: a squirrel stocking up on hazelnuts for the winter, a spotted woodpecker jackhammering away at a tree or a roe deer passing in the distance.

Vue sur la pâture gelée au petit matin

View of the frozen pasture in the early hours of the morning

It’s the perfect time to take a break in the heart of this environment, where time stands still for a night or a weekend.

The forest is 250 metres from l’Igl’houx and offers some great walks in prospect (subject to hunting days, of which I will of course inform the tenants).

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