Wild garlic in the Ardennes

When wild garlic emerges from the ground

Ail des ours dans une forêt ardennaise

Wild garlic in an Ardennes forest

The days are getting warmer, and the months of March/April are the ideal time (varies depending on the region) for wild garlic picking: it is even said that it emerges from the ground at the same time as the bear emerges from its cave, hence its name !

It’s a real vitamin and mineral bomb to detoxify the body and give it a new lease of life! Rich in vitamin C, magnesium, and iron, wild garlic also contains allicin, a powerful antimicrobial.

It’s a carminative plant that regenerates the intestines and prevents fermentation. It also helps with rheumatism, muscle pain, prevents arteriosclerosis, and soothes skin conditions because it’s purifying. Its properties are generally the same as those of common garlic, but much more potent because the concentrations are higher in the wild state.

A respectful harvest

If the picking of this wild plant is tolerated, it must remain moderate and reasoned: the picking area is indeed extremely large, with a regular spread from year to year, while privileging wet and loamy areas.

It is obviously a matter of common sense out of respect for nature, and I make sure not to trample the plants, as they are.

Arum sauvage (à droite au centre) parmi l'ail des ours

Arum sauvage (à droite au centre) parmi l’ail des ours

Be careful not to confuse it with lily of the valley, autumn crocus, or arum, which are toxic and grow in the same places and sometimes at the same time.

The arum photo (on the right in the center) among the wild garlic: the shape of the leaves is different, and the veins are branched whereas those of the wild garlic are parallel.

Culinary use

Wild garlic is a favorite ingredient among gourmet enthusiasts! Its flavor, more intense than common garlic, enhances dishes and adds a ‘green touch’ to your plates. Every part of wild garlic is edible: from the bulb (although it’s best to avoid taking it to respect the plant) to the leaves and even the flower buds.

The most well-known preparation is wild garlic pesto, with several recipes available. You can also use it simply in salads by finely chopping it, which will enhance its flavor. A soup made with wild garlic, nettles, and potatoes, for example, will be appreciated during the still chilly temperatures of early spring.

In short, anything is possible with wild garlic! It’s best to consume it fresh, so now is the time! You can also freeze it, but its properties are diminished and the leaves wilt upon thawing. The same goes for dried wild garlic.

Boutons d’ail des ours en bocaux

Interested in wild garlic?

Wild garlic sales start in March (the growth is earlier this year) and last for about a month depending on the weather: once the flowers open, the quality of the leaves decreases, and they even disappear completely by summer.

The location is, of course, kept secret, but I can specify that it is in an Ardennes forest, and the picking takes place deep within it, with no passing cars or possible treatments in this area!

I offer wild garlic for sale as a farmer in the cultivation of spice, aromatic, medicinal, and pharmaceutical plants (SIRET identifier: 515 017 705 00028)

For any inquiries and/or orders, please contact me at +33(0)6 76 48 68 54 or by using the contact form.

The distribution area is mainly located in Signy-Le-Petit and Chimay in Belgium, with other areas to be discussed based on orders.

Price of fresh wild garlic for sale :

€ 25 per kg

Next picking :
Friday, March 29, 2024



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